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C. Thai Chemicals

C. Thai Chemicals began operation in 1970. Our company has grown significantly and diversified over the past 40+ years, but our core business has always been the manufacture of sodium silicate and potassium silicate. Our team of engineering and chemistry professionals, working in conjunction with our dedicated manufacturing and administrative staff, have continuously improved the technology, quality, efficiency, and diversity of our silicate products. C. Thai Chemicals is proud to offer a wide range of solid and liquid sodium silicate products that have been carefully optimized to best serve our valued customers in Thailand and throughout the Asian region.

Today, C. Thai Chemicals is the leading Sodium Silicate manufacturer in the Kingdom of Thailand, with one of the largest capacity in South East Asia. Our manufacturing facility in Omnoi, Samut Sakorn Province, has been ISO 9002 certified since 2000 and change to ISO 9001 certified since 2005 and also ISO14001 since 2011. We diligently leverage our Quality Management System, including various statistical controls, to ensure that our customers always receive silicate products that meet their specific and unique process requirements.

The management, staff, team, and family of C. Thai Chemicals are totally committed to operating a safe workplace. We firmly believe that a well designed and managed safety program, complete with comprehensive training, properly selected tools and resources, as well as being supported by a genuine staff and work culture, is without reservation the single most important responsibility of each member of our team. Ultimately, operating a safe workplace means avoiding all mistakes to achieve operational excellence.

A safe workplace thereby consistently delivers maximum quality, consistency, efficiency, throughput, and value for both our shareholders and for our valued customers, in addition to realizing our important goal of incident free operation to protect our precious employees and contractors.

C. Thai Chemicals has been proudly and successfully serving and assisting our Thailand and regional customers for more than five decades. Our silicate products have been successfully used in a wide variety of applications, including various types of detergents, adhesives, rubber products, concrete admixtures and binders, foundry casting sand binders, refractory, water treatment, pulp and paper, catalyst, silica gel, coating, and agricultural uses. Our team of technical experts is available to leverage our unrivalled technical knowledge and experience to assist our customers with product selection, production processes, and end use applications.

Our high quality silicate products and our extensive technical resources has made C. Thai Chemicals highly trusted by our including multinational companies Thailand and International customers.

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