Product by Application

Sodium Silicates - Product by Application

Industry Applications Function/Benefit  
Grinding wheel Binder More Info
Adhesive Low-priced, Strong bonding for various materials More Info
Charcoal briquettes Binder, Reduce dust in production process More Info
Paper core Adhesive, Greater structural strength
Cardboard box/ Foil paper Adhesive, Thin film, Fast setting
Coating Silicate film, Water resistance, Thermal resistance
Sand casting Binder, Fast setting
Masonry oven/ Furnace Binder, Thermal resistance
Concrete Sealer, Strengthen, Eliminate dust in pores
Construction Soil Stabilizer, Grouting More Info
Drilling fluid Prevent wellbore washouts, Strengthen More Info
Ceramics Deflocculant in slip preparation, Improves strength More Info
Detergents Corrosion Inhibitor, Process aid, Buffer More Info
Metal cleaner Emulsifier More Info
Automotive coolant Corrosion inhibitor More Info
Plumbing pipe Silicate film, Corrosion inhibitor More Info
Paper production Flocculants, Improve compression strength
Pulp bleaching Conserve hydrogen peroxide in deinking process More Info
Textiles Dye fixation, Low-priced More Info
Water treatment Reduces levels of toxic metals More Info
Foundry Binder in CO2 process Core making ( Iron casting)
Welding rod Flux binder, Reduce water absorption
TiO2 Production Coating, Acid resistance More Info
Gel/ Catalyst Silica source, Absorb molecules More Info
Zeolite Silica source
Colloidal silica/ Nano-silica Silica source
Aquaculture Diatom’s silicate fertilizer in shrimp farm and others More Info

Potassium Silicates - Product by Application

Industry Applications Function/Benefit  
Industrial cleaners Detergency
Horticulture Specialty fertilizers More Info
Decorative coatings and paints Non blooming More Info

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