Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


CTC has raised its Environment Policy and Social Responsibility Policy, and integrated them into to our business management policy since 2000. Our executives and employees receive both induction training and periodic refresher training to understand and execute these policies, and to confirm to the principles to meet the expectations of both short and long term stakeholders. In addition, we are ISO 14001 certified since 2011 to ensure our routine manufacturing practice would minimize negative impact to the entire community.

Our goal is to continuously be aware of the environmental impacts of our business. The risks to environment and safety are assessed and mitigated at every operational process. Our environmental and safety management systems are in full compliance with industry standards, including the effective and efficient use of resources and energy.

Labour & Human right

CTC embraces an organizational culture that promotes and respects human rights protection, and treats each employee fairly, not limited by age, religion, or gender. The company provides for the employees welfare, safety, and hygiene at work, as well as promotes organizational learning and human development, to sharpen employees skills to a professional level. The company continually develops our working systems, policies, and culture to ensure code of conduct, CTC is a happy workplace for all employees. We also engaged in SMETA program (The Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) and TFS (Together for sustainability) which would keep our policy and action on this matter up to the world class standard.


CTC supplies basic chemicals which helps support economic growth and development. We share benefits with society by creating local jobs, developing skills, and supporting our nearby communities. This helps to build trust in the communities, and to share benefits where we operate. As a business operator, one of CTC primary goals is sharing and finding the balance of happiness together with all stakeholders.

Our past program includes:

  • Yearly Local School scholarship
  • Construct a building and donate to the local School in the community
  • Community support in the big Flooding disaster in 2011
  • Support Royal Thai Government Project.

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